“The Curse of the Billy Goat” and the latest chapter… “Bartman”

The stage could not be properly set for the 2013 Chicago Cubs discourse community without mentioning Steve Bartman and the 8th inning of game six in the 2003 NCLS. But before all the miserable details of that story can be described, the timeline must be set back a few decades earlier in order to accurately portray the ultimate anguish of the Chicago Cubs discourse community. On October 6th, 1945, the Cubs were preparing to play in game four of the World Series. William Stains, local goat tavern owner and Cubs fan brought his goat to the game with hope that his pet may bring the Cubs some extra luck. After all, it had been been 37 agonizing years since the Cubs last championship (37 years? yeah… big deal). Unfortunately for William, the goat, and the future of the entire Chicago Cubs discourse community the goat was turned away by the ushers at the gates of Wrigley Field. William was furious and exclaimed “The Cubs will never win another World Series as long as the Goat is not allowed in Wrigley!” Sure enough, the Cubs lost game four of the World Series and were swept at home to end their 1945 playoff run. Thus, marking the dreadful era of the “Curse of the Billy Goat.” The Curse held true for 58 years. But in 2003, the Cubs had a powerful team and it looked as through they might finally break the curse by winning the NCLS and advancing to the World Series.

The Cubs led the Florida Marlins 3-2 games in the NLCS, and the Series was headed back to Wrigley where the Marlins would have to face the Cubs pitching ace, Mark Prior. It seemed as though the stars were aligned in the north side of Chicago, but unfortunately, every Cubs fan knows how this story ends. The downfall all started in the top of the eighth inning. The Cubs were winning 3-0 and were only 5 outs away from advancing to the World Series when a Marlins player hit a shallow “pop fly” to left field. The ball drifted into the stands and a fan named Steve Bartman interfered with the Cubs left fielder Mosis Alou. Alou dropped the ball and all hell broke loose at Wrigley. From that point on, the entire atmosphere of the game shifted. The fans lost their temper with the poor Cubs fan who was just trying to take home a souvenir. The fans were no longer focused on cheering the Cubs on, rather they were bitter about the “Bartman Blunder.” The Marlins tagged the Cubs for 8 runs in the 8th inning. The Cubs would lose the game 8-3 and later the Series. In 2003 the Marlins beat the Yankees to win the World Series.

Stains, Sam. “The World-Famous Billy Goat Tavern – The Curse of the Billy Goat – Cubs Curse.” The World-Famous Billy Goat Tavern – The Curse of the Billy Goat – Cubs Curse. Billygoattavern.com, n.d. Web. 25 Apr. 2013. .

Image via: http://meetthematts.com/40960/mlb-playoffs-moments-to-remember/steve-bartman-chicago-cubs/

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One thought on ““The Curse of the Billy Goat” and the latest chapter… “Bartman”

  1. I think this post is great! You do an awesome job in explaining both of the curses that the Cubs acquired. The Chicago Cubs are my favorite baseball team so I really enjoyed reading your post. One thing I would suggest is for you to use some sources in order to gain credibility. The curses of the Cubs are pretty well known so I’m sure you would have no problem finding websites that discuss them into further detail. Other than that, great job!

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