The Chosen One


In 2004 the Boston Red Sox came back from a three game deficit to defeat the New York Yankees in the ALCS and advance to the World Series. Once there, they defeated the St. Louis Cardinals and finally broke their 96 year World Series curse, “The Curse of the Great bambino.” Three years later, the Red Sox won another World Championship for good measures. Their fearless leader was general manager, Theo Epstein. To Red Sox fans, Epstine is a savior. At 28 years old, Epstine is the youngest general manager to ever win a world series. Many call him the “Wiz Kid,” but to the Cubs, Epstine is “The Chosen One.”

In 2011 the Chicago Cubs welcomed Epstine into their discourse community with hope that he could resurrect the Cubs organization as he did with the Red Sox. Currently Epstein is in the process of building a team that will be able to compete in the future. The Cubs do not necessarily expect to win a world championship in 2013, but they do expect to make a very competitive leap towards becoming an elite baseball team. Epstine has brought a new reason for fans to be optimistic about the future of Cubs baseball.

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