One technique the Cubs use to help them win games is a unique type of communication. Baseball is well-known for its frequent and seemingly in cohesive use of gestures between coaches and players on the field. The Cubs players and coaches use a series of different hand gestures they call “signs.”  These signs are used to translate information across the field in a discreet manner. A single gesture could notify the middle infielders of a catcher’s snap throw down to second base, or suggest to the pitcher what type of pitch to throw. It goes without saying that it would be impossible to research information on the Cubs current play calls, but the picture above portrays a general idea of what the Cubs tactical play calling system might look like.

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One thought on “Communication

  1. I played baseball competitively all through high school and I can comfortably say that no one team has the same signs. Like you said, the coaches make the gestures to the players, but it does not stop there. I remember giving the outfielders (I was second base) signs telling them what kind of pitch is about to be thrown. This lexis is definitely unique from any other discourse community.

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