Another symbol that unifies the Cubs discourse community is their uniforms. The Cubs wear matching uniforms for every game to look sharp, and suggest to their audience (the fans and opposing team) that they are a unified group. The Cubs uniforms and logos have changed many times over the years, but no matter how many logo and jersey changes the Cubs have made, the team has never run onto the field without corresponding uniforms. Today, jerseys depend on the venue and the day of the game. The Cubs will generally alternate between three uniforms, which are their home, away, and alternative jerseys. The Cubs alternative jerseys are all blue with the Cubs logo stitched on the left side of their chest. The Cubs away jerseys, which are the most boring in my opinion, are all grey with “Chicago” printed across the chest in red and white letters. Grey jerseys are custom from most Major League teams when playing on the road. The Cubs home jerseys can be seen in the pictures above. These are my favorite because they look sharp, and the preserve the old style tradition of the Chicago Cubs discourse community.

Images via: http://www.chicitysports.com/2013/03/05/17-in-6-the-best-chicago-sports-moments-in-the-past-6-years/ and http://www.thecubsbrickyard.com/2008/08/29/cubs-stage-unbelievable-comeback-unwatchable-show/ and http://vineline.mlblogs.com/tag/walk-off/

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