Rebuilding With Rising Stars

I believe the 2012 MLB was an odd one. The Cubs lost 101 games and finished second to last in the NL central, this was no shocker, but the playoff teams certainly were. The teams that made up the 2012 playoffs were the Yankees, Orioles, Tigers, Athletics, Nationals, Braves, Reds, and Giants. Any avid baseball fan who fell asleep at the beginning of the MLB season and was woken up at the end would have been surprised by 3 teams. The Orioles, Athletics, and Nationals came out of nowhere last year to upset the favorites and steal playoff spots. This was astonishing because up until last year these three teams had been at about the same level as the Cubs. However, unlike the Cubs discourse community, these three teams adapted a slow motion approach and the acquisition and development of young talent. This is the approach the Cubs are attempting to make with their new general manager Theo Epstine. The current face of the Chicago Cubs discourse community is shortstop Starlin Castro. Castro is a perfect example of the young talent the Cubs are looking to bring into their organization in order to build towards developing a solid line-up. He is smart, fast, young, a good leader, and a very technical infielder. Castro is a very talented ballplayer who is a lot of fun to watch.

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2 thoughts on “Rebuilding With Rising Stars

  1. As an avid baseball fan, I was quickly drawn to your post. I followed baseball all last year, and was equally shocked with the three teams that came out of seemingly nowhere to make the playoffs. I think something that would be a nice addition would be to elaborate on how Castro is the foundation of the discourse community. Other than that, this is an informative and well written post. I can’t help but point out, however, that you forgot two teams whom made it to the playoffs in the Rangers and the Cardinals.

  2. I see where you were going with this post. I think the video definitely helped me get a better sense of what you were talking about. I just felt like you were talking about other teams more than you were talking about the Chicago Cubs. If you would have just put more emphasis on the Chicago Cubs I think the post would have been very effective, because I definitely thought it captured my attention and had a good set up.

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